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July, 2011

  1. Ontario, California

    July 16, 2011 by Rod Peckman

    I wrote this poem as a tribute to my grandpa. I think I mostly wrote it for my mom and my uncle Howard, the latter of whom I dedicated it to. It’s not my usual style, but I think it does capture a bit of the essence of this late, great old man. It was a joy to be around him later in his life, to see his eyes light up as he told his stories. He was a an amazing man, with a greatness I certainly will never live up to.

  2. The Lexicon of the Orphanage

    July 15, 2011 by Rod Peckman

    The Lexicon of the Orphanage is a visual and emotional feast by poet/artist Jack Varnell: “An offprint-compendium from an emotional orphan. A twice yearly collection of poetry, art and the finest in modern confessional and memoir poetry from an artist experienced in confession and with a bad memory. A collection of contemporary broadside poems. Focused on paying homage to the age old printing tradition of broadsides as art and literature.” A very good read.
    Support art.

  3. Flatrock by Fran Lock

    July 10, 2011 by Rod Peckman

    Flatrock by Fran Lock book coverFran Lock is a U.K. poet of great emotional depth. She is able to reach these depths with a sparse and beautiful language, wielding a scalpel with great precision rather than a machete for whiz-bang effect. She is a master of her craft and in touch with the heart of the world. Her poems will stay with you long after you lay the book down on the nightstand and turn out the light. She is that good. Please consider buying a copy of her book Flatrock